Wednesday, April 9, 2014

jobs and prison

A job is hell, a life sentence.  Clock in, clock out, pay taxes and die.

Most people I talk to feel this way, and I think they are lying.  Let me tell you about prisoners, the system and the ghetto.

Men who go to prison often go back to prison.  They are "institutionalized" and can not or will not break free of the prison mindset and so they commit another crime knowing they will go back to prison because prison is how they operate.

This seems like insanity for most of us living outside of prison.  How could you knowingly do something that will send you back to prison when you've already been there.

To me this is simple: for most repeat offenders prison is better then not prison.

That is why when you look in the ghetto's, the ones who really suffer are the kids, because the kids have no choice, don't know anything, and can't escape to prison.  Men know, they know that living on a dirty mattress in a hotel room that cost's a thousand dollars a month and driving to and from a job that pays them just enough to get them to come back the next day is worse then prison.  There is no warm food, no camaraderie, no future in the ghetto.

Whether good or bad, prison has a future, and you know exactly what it is going to look like.

You clock in and clock out everyday.  You get exactly what you need and somebody else makes all the decisions for you.  If you stick it out long enough they move you somewhere comfortable and you can die with reasonable health coverage and not in the gutter.

In case you missed it I quit talking about prison and started talking about the middle class and jobs.

The truth is that little suburbanites are picking a different prison sentence, albeit one that is much more comfortable on your outside parts, but a prison none the less.  And they are choosing to be repeat offenders.

What's that, my car loan is up, lets go buy a luxury SUV on a seven your prison term.  What's that, I got a raise!  Lets sell our house and upgrade to the max the bank will give us (and the bank will always give you just enough so that you can always pay them forever, in banking we call that being "qualified").

So how do you get out of prison?  How do you break the cycle?

Mark has been shot three seperate times and stabbed two other times.  He went to jail at seventeen and got out when he was thirty.  At forty he has a beautiful daughter, makes 75k a year and is looking at buying a house.  He went to prison and used it, he got his education in prison.  He found Jesus in prison.  And when he got out he went through a boat load of hardship getting acclimated to a world he knew nothing about.

I'm not saying break out of prison or quit your job tomorrow.  I'm saying use it.  Less people use there jobs then prisoners use the system.  Usually the biggest fear of the middle class people I meet is that they will at some point not be allowed to stay in their prison (or in their clouded minds they want to be transferred to another prison because they heard that one is way better).

Stop the cycle, both in the ghetto's and in suburbia.  Jesus once said "It was for freedom that I set you free".

There does not have to be a point to your freedom, it is simply for freedoms sake.  So use where you are, and then work towards freedom.