Thursday, June 30, 2016

Big Break

There are two ways to have a big break:

1) Luck

2) Cheating

This is probably offensive because for a hundred years we have been hard sold that we are the reason everything happens.  Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, be a self made man, make sure not to be born a woman or ethnic.

Now the problem is that it's easy to look at somebody who is a really good person, who is really talented and point to their hard work.  You would be right to do that.  Hard work puts you on top and hard work keeps you on top.  But your big break is what allowed you to play in the game in the first place.

Lebron has an almost perfect body for basketball.  Phelps for swimming.  Mentally Kasperov had something when it came to chess.  Mozart with music, Shakespeare with words.

Now all of them worked hard.  They crafted and perfected their bodies, minds, hands and imagination.  They pushed themselves and tried new things.  This is why they were eventually on top.  But they all got in the game because of a big break.

If you choose you can create your own big break.  Maddoff figured this out and stole twenty thousand million dollars.  Ben Johnson wasn't happy just being in the game nor was Lance Armstrong.  Being the 44th best cyclist in the world is actually pretty amazing.  You get paid to ride a bike!

The problem with luck is that it makes you less important.  It makes your accomplishments a little less than if you just created them all by yourself.  I get it, pride is the number one disease on planet earth (white men are particularly prone to catch it).  That's why cheating is so easy.  Because all of the cheaters have a reason.  Lance said everybody else was doing it, and they were.  Maddoff gave a ton of money away to charity.  Ben Johnson was Canadian, Canadians can't be evil!

Hating luck and cheating are oddly tied together, they are both belief systems that you are special.  And guess what, you are special!  You are lucky and I am lucky.  Look around and see where you are lucky, where you are blessed, where fortune has smiled upon you.  Then seize that and work, work hard.  Maybe you will be the 44th best cyclist in the world and you get paid to ride a bike and you can break the wind in stage eighteen of the Tour de France for somebody who was lucky enough to be gifted with #3 talent.  That doesn't take anything away from you, you are amazing.

Just be careful of catching the disease of pride.

It's not that pride comes before the fall, pride leads the way to the fall.