Wednesday, October 19, 2016

That First Day Thing

As I finish my first day at a new job I consider some of the extremely simple hurdles I faced because I am:

1) New
2) Will never experience them again

By default, nobody at a company is either new or experiencing the issues of the new.  This is true for the fortune 500 company I am at and true for the two person non-profit I run with Kelsey.

But another critical place it is true is for users.  I tried to login to the Frontier Airlines webpage from my phone to check in to a flight.  It told me I needed to use their App.  I downloaded the App which told me I needed an account I could only get by signing into the webpage.  I sighed and quit, instead using the ticket counter when I arrived at the airport.

Nobody at Frontier has been a new user in a very long time.  Assuredly the steps have gotten more complicated as bells and whistles have been added.  Those complications where layered on top of each other to now create a system that possibly no actual person at the company has ever used.

It is worthwhile every now and then to be new to the old thing you are doing.

PS.  Also extremely true for parents relationships to kids.