Monday, June 27, 2016

I'm Been Failing at That for a While...

It feels really bad to say you've been failing at something for five years.  It feels ok to say you've been trying something for five years.

I've been trying to write a novel is not a true statement.  I've been failing to complete a novel is what I'm actually saying.

What if we replaced the word trying with failing.  It changes where we place the blame.

I've been failing to workout is very different from my workouts have been failing to get results.  Failing squarely places the blame where it needs to fall.  If your workouts have been failing then change them.  If you have been failing to workout then start.

This is not a negative stance either, it should push us towards clarity.  If you know you've been failing to workout then you don't need to find a better workout.  Different workouts are designed for different results.  Not starting to workout has nothing to do with results.  You have no idea if you would get exactly the results you wanted from the first thing you tried.  Now when I want to google "workouts that help you gain muscle faster" I know I'm hiding.  The workout I try, whatever that may be, may get me muscles the fastest.

Hiding hates clarity.  In a clear anything there is no hiding.  I've never lost something on a clear desk.  I've never forgotten something during a peaceful quiet day.

When I find myself "trying" something I need to do two things.

1) Find out where the failure is: starting or results.

2) See where I'm creating chaos to hide in.

That chaos is probably not the problem either, but we will attack that in the next post.