Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Amazing marinated chicken and success

This is my first how to post with hopefully a slightly larger message.

I have a hard time eating healthy because I'm super lazy.  Lately I have been working on this by making it easier to eat healthy than unhealthy.  The main way of doing this is by doing something once a week that takes an hour and then helps all week.

I take the above ingredients sometime mid week and throw them all together to marinade. It's just whatever seasoning you like, I use 21 seasoning from traders Joe's, some garlic paste, some Worcestershire sauce, lime juice and some cut up green onions.  I just put a little of everything on, lay another piece of chicken thigh down and repeat.

It takes fifteen minutes.  Most people are grossed out by chicken thighs as I used to be but there are two major advantages to using them.

1) Cheap
2) Fatty (which is why people don't like them)

The benefit of the fattiness is you can kill them on a grill AND reheat them later and they are always flavorful without being all dry.

So that takes 30 minutes.  Then a few days later (whenever I run out of the chicken I am currently eating), I take all the chicken, grill the junk out of it (I like the blackened smokey flavor and it breaks down the fat) and chop it up into little pieces.  Then I have a bunch of ready to go chicken all the time.

While it's grilling I take a whole head of lettuce and chop it up, clean it, and put it in a container.

Then, whenever I'm super lazy, I just throw some lettuce, chicken, cheese and whatever else I feel like in a bowl and I'm eating in 60 seconds.

Now it doesn't taste like this:

But it's pretty good, and again, it's actually easier than any bad food I have around that has to be cooked.

The moral of the story is this; Life takes a little prep, that's just the way it is but do it on a day when you are doing other fun stuff not a day that is already stacked.  I try and grill on Sundays because I'm just sitting around watching football and drinking.

Secondly, make the good decisions easier than the bad decisions.  If you have a hard time doing something, stuff it inside of something you really enjoy doing.  If you hate doing something, at least make it easy.  If you don't have time to do something find something else you don't enjoy doing but is a habit and replace it.

So go do a little work and shoot for some big results, and remember to eat mor chikin.