Friday, September 19, 2014

A Little Bit Better

A little bit better comes in three phases.

Phase one is when you have just started something, you are a beginner and every time you spend time in practice you get a little bit better.  The exciting part is that sometimes you get a lot better in a very short amount of time, but you never get worse.  If you are practicing you are getting better.

Then you are in the middle.  You have done something for a while and there are good days and bad days but you know what you are doing.  Getting a little bit better in the middle is harder because it does not happen automatically.  If you show up and do bad reps, you may actually get worse.  And during the middle you almost never see huge leaps, giant gains.  Most people stay in the middle because it is hard to get better, and nobody criticizes the person in the middle.

But mastery, that stage is the hardest.  Mastery says that you need to work exceptionally hard to get a little bit better, but when you do get a little bit better you are adding that one or two percent onto a giant base and it feels great.  The amazing marathon runner that runs for over two hours and gets a personal best by only forty seconds: that forty seconds means the world.

The difference between the middle and mastery is seeking out the weak points, finding the faults and then working inside of those uncomfortable spots.  The beginner and the person in the middle hate those spots, and their ideal of mastery is that they no longer find those pain points.  But the master loves those pain points, because only when they find those can they get better.

The Bible has a line "where your heart is, their will your treasure be also". Everybody wants the treasure now, and when they get the treasure then they will commit their love, desire and work. The guts that it takes to aim your heart at finding weakness, and then truthfully analyzing yourself, that is where the masters heart is and that is why she gets the treasure.