Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Marketing and Purity

Sometimes we feel as though if we create the perfect mousetrap people will find a way to our door.  At Google they had a belief early on that they were unconcerned with growth because every day later that you found them was a day better that you found them.  These two belief systems are polar opposites.

The first is pride based.  It says that I can decide all on my own that I have created the perfect product.  That I know the market better than anyone else, including the market itself.  The second, we can call it the Google belief system, says that all I can do is work every single day to try and make my product a little bit better.  This says that I've never created the perfect product and I don't plan on it, I'm just at a the most current iteration that's as good as I can make it for now.

Sometimes these two meet, think Steve Jobs at Apple. He said don't ask the market what they want because they have no idea.  This may be true, but the market still gets to decide if it's any good or not after the thing is made.  This kind of arrogance can create the Iphone but it can also make the U2 Ipod.  Remember in 2004 the Ipod you could buy that was exactly the same as the other Ipod but it had the U2 members signatures carved on to the back and only cost $50 more...

So you are probably not Steve Jobs or Larry from Google.  You should be humble about your product and not humble in the sense that I quietly believe what I have created is the best thing the world has ever seen and I will just sit quietly while the entire world sings my praises.  Humble in that you work every day at getting better.  But you should also market your product.  There is no loss in purity to put signs along the path to your front door.

Google was two single guys who as billionaires still dress like only Walmart exists.  You need money, you need to exist.

We will continue the thought on purity in marketing but understand the belief system behind it.  Its pride and pride is just fear with makeup on.